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Hello World!

meta Feb 14, 2021

We're here!

Welcome to our site and our blog.

This project is a labor of love that flowed through authentic sharing and caring for friends in these communities. I had been working for large clients including charities, causes, experts, and startup companies but I was billing out at rates my friends couldn't afford. I paused my clients and have built this community, coursework, and presence to support those I love who are working on projects I care about.

The first round of Marketing for Spiritworkers had participants from the US, Canada, and New Zealand in all sorts of businesses. We had a jewelry maker and soulcollage facilitator, an oracle deck designer and author, a tarot reader, two dakinis, and some who are still designing their project for the world. We even had another marketing expert join to learn how to market her tantra festival.

I learned a lot about what people wanted to hear and learned that I filled the course with a ton of information. Just as I was preparing for the second round of courses I realized that I'd be able to help more people if they didn't need to wait to start. Now, here we are.

This site offers so much more than I could have via Zoom meetings. We've got a community so people can connect and continue to learn, we've got the core course and there are more coming!

As the site grows and I learn more about what people want to know, I can build more courses targeted specifically at your wants and needs.

Thank you for being a part of this process and most importantly, thank you for investing in yourself and the magic you bring to the world!

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