Hello, I'm Aaron Mandelbaum.


I've always lived in multiple worlds at once. My training in logic and ontology lead me to an MBA in business strategy all while pursuing my spiritual development through ongoing training and education.

I've worked in digital marketing agencies and for large brands as well as my private consulting practice AEM Strategies. Clients include Fortune 500 brands, small non-profits, and everything in between.

Overall, my goal is to ensure people's digital presence is aligned with their mission and vision. Through that alignment, I help clients find unexpected revenues.

Hello, I am Leila Li


A World Wanderer and Lover for Life - Born and raised in China, studied in the UK, worked mostly in the US and now have been living in Amsterdam and Europe for 5 years.

I am your co-facilitator for this course. I am an Artist for Life (LeilArts), Tea/Plant Medicine Ceremony Guide, Tantric Bodyworker, Art Facilitator and Event/Retreat Organiser. As well as a Marketing Consultant (Leilali Digital) with hands-on experience from the last 10 years across the US, Europe and Asia with a Masters degree in Business & Marketing, working with a diverse range of companies at all sizes. From bigger corporations (Upfield), to start-up (Beyond Meat), to one-person project (Financial Freedom by Kamran), to advertising agency and media (Leaf Group).

I believe in the power and spirit of conscious marketing to tell authentic stories, make us seen to attract the right people, and to give in balance for positive changes individually and collectively.

The Latest from the Blog

Hello World!

I learned a lot about what people wanted to hear and learned that I filled the course with a ton of information. Just as I was preparing for the second round of courses I realized that I'd be able to help more people if they didn't need to wait to start. Now, here we are.

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4 Quick Blogging Tips

What is blogging and why is it important? Does it seem like a massive hassle? It doesn't have to be. Here are some tips to help including a freebie from the Level 1 course!

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Human Design and Marketing

What does your design say about how you can market? What does it say about your ideal customer and your personas?

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