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FREE Course Preview (The First Chapter)

We are so excited to share a free preview of our online course (Marketing for Conscious Creators). You will get a taste of who we are, our approaches and styles and intentions, and why this might be a good fit for you.

We are working on the rest of the course while listening to the questions from the community. Stay tuned, as we will share more updates soon!

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The Full Course +Ā Conscious CreatorĀ Central

Our premier course! This is the best place to start! Perfect for small business owners, artists, dakas/dakinis, medicine carriers, facilitators, yogi, card readers, coaches and more looking to start sharing their magic with the world!

All you need to go live and start attracting your ideal customers.

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ConsciousCreatorĀ Central Community

Full access to our online community. Here you'll get the newest insights and updates about marketing. Ask questions, meet people, find some new strategies and tactics to succeed.

Included with our Level 1 course or just sign up directly. Either way, you'll be guided through your journey towards sharing your magic with the world.

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